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I was asked about the horse who has taught me the most. While most people would think I would write about Strauss (who is one of the most amazing horses I've been blessed to ride) I actually have to write about Maxine. She was my first horse at 11 years old and she was 4. A Tennessee Walker/ Quarter Horse she was green broke and only knew her left lead canter. She would spook so fast she could toss me in the sand in a heartbeat. I broke a few bones early on but learned a lot and had a blast. She was the little engine that could. She was all we could afford (she was free) and I evented and eventually settled into a dressage career with her. She was an amazing teacher with endless patience with my mistakes. And we learned everything together. Maybe to slow way but I feel I learned more by having us learn together than I would have from a "schooled" horse. She taught me about patience and perseverance. As well as never judging a book by its cover. And never underestimating a horse just because it isn't an "expensive" WarmBlood imported from Europe. They all have their talents and specialties. She showed thru the I1 and knew most if the GP. I earned my bronze and silver medals on her and numerous clients if mine rode her and earned medals as well. She was great for me to teach up/down lessons to beginners as well as letting someone learn tempi changes on her. She is now retired and waiting for Ronin to get big enough to be able to be his first horse. I also named my business after her since she has been such a special part of my life, To The Max Dressage because she did everything for me to the max. I'm so blessed to have her in my life today.